Key Government Department

“Arriving at work this morning I inspected the result of your technicians efforts in remediating the Cabinets in our Main Comms Room.

Not long after that, your technician knocked on my door to see if I was satisfied with the job.

I told him so and I wish to put in writing the extent of satisfaction and gratitude that I am feeling right now.

What can only be described as a transformation has occurred in that Comms Room.  The quality of workmanship both inside and outside of the cabinets can only be described as excellent; as if the place was made for the cabinets.

It is not only the quality of work that has gone into the cabinets, but all around the Comms Room that has me so impressed.

The whole area is spotless, and it is this pride in the finished product displayed by both your technicians that has left me with such satisfaction.

Once they had left, and the rest of my staff had turned up for work, the first thing I did was to get them over there to show them the work.

Absolutely fantastic and a very professional job.”

Paul D – ICT Manager (Organisation name withheld for confidentiality)